Your home away from the bustling city life. A place of refuge. When it’s time to get away and leave your fast pace world behind for a little while but still be within driving distance.



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  • Ed Roth Homes is an experienced, full service home improvement and construction company that has been serving this area for over 20+ years. Our attention to detail sets the industry standard keeping our customers coming back for repeat business. We love it when our customers share their experiences with friends and family!

    The Staff at Ed Roth Homes love their jobs and it shows in everything we do. We value our customers and work hard to exceed their expectations. Our team is highly skilled, thoroughly experienced and exceedingly trained to handle all of the variables in our industry.

    Since experience counts, you can trust that we “can” and “will” get the job done right the first time. At Ed Roth Homes we strive to impress you, not just meet your expectations. We take a lot of pride in the fact that quality service, time honored craftsmanship and value are the cornerstones of our business.


    Peaceful Homes For Sale

    This private community ten minutes from Geisinger Medical Center is situated in a peaceful quite setting truly a safe place to raise your family, retire or just enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Mother Nature has to offer. Home and Building sites have panoramic views of miles of country landscapes and settings. New custom residential Homes for sale near Geisinger Hospital have “a unique approach to country living”. Move your family to a safe area, away from the latest storms, hurricanes and floods recently hitting New York City, Long Island and the North East Coastline. This private development near Geisinger Hospital is just a short two and half hour drive straight west on interstate 80 from New York City.

    If a major storm would ever hit New York City or the North East Coastline again your travel to this short and safe distance from harm’s way. These Danville Homes for sale are near to one of the best major hospitals Geisinger Medical Center in the North Eastern United States.

    Beautiful Panoramic Views

    Homes for sale near Geisinger Medical Center have some of the best panoramic views, with miles of country landscapes and settings near Geisinger Hospital. Custom built homes for sale with “a unique approach to country living”. This is a place truly heaven on earth. Move your family to a safe area, away from tornadoes, tsunamis’, floods and earthquakes. Not only do I build the homes and care for the grounds and my family and I reside in the development.

    Timeless Craftsmanship

    We offer custom solutions that are designed to fit both your project budget and schedule. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of time honored quality and service available. It’s our commitment to finding the right solution (no matter how long it takes) that separates us from the competition.

    Timeless Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our success. In this prefabricated generation of contractors, the cookie cutter craftsman is the end result of placing profit over process. We have no desire to be the company that does box store work, instead we look to our time honored traditions of workmanship. We want to take pride in the hand crafted construction services we take, workmanship that will last; just like our reputation.


    Local Experience Counts

    As a locally owned and operated company we know the importance of having a good reputation within the community. No job is too big or too small for the professionals here at Ed Roth Homes. We pledge to treat your project like it is the only one we have, providing 100% attention toward completion and your satisfaction.

    We know that our customers have many choices in the home improvement industry. That is specifically why we strive each and every day to maintain an appreciation of your choice, taking the extra step to do the unexpected to make a lasting impression you’ll be proud to show off. We have earned our reputation over the last 20+ years: one project, one customer, one completion at a time.